femme-atteinte-de-cecite-onchocerquienne“Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch” (Matthew 15:14)

In the midst of crisis, everyone looks for whoever that will save or redirect unto safe haven. So also is the relationship of parents to children especially teenagers who look up to the guiding parents for values and principles for life. It is a pity today that some parents are purely blind, though they have physical sight but cannot differentiate what is right from wrong. Parenting is more than changing of status quo – having names such as ‘Dad’, ‘Mum’, Father of …” etc.  It is a ministry of role modeling of future leaders. Parents are leaders. It is expected of a leader to lead with clarity of vision, purpose, direction and will-power that is sandwiched with values and integrity.

However, we have blind leaders as parents who do not see what their children do as wrong. They have accusing fingers for other children in their churches, schools, neighbourhood and society, but they never see anything wrong in their own children. Wrong is renamed right in their homes. Such parents are absolutely blind to plans of God for such children in their care. They are ostrich who buries her heads under the feather and she forgets that the whole body is outside. They ignore what they know is wrong.  They capitalize on minority. They fight anyone who guides and correct their children. They are modern parents with wrong civilization. They have these ideologies: “It doesn’t matter”, “They are still small”, “It is their time”, etc. Continue reading



child-dsicplineBy Allen Olatunde

The word discipline denotes: control of excess; guide through the lifetime career; and orderliness.

  • Discipline is control that is gained by requiring rules or orders that must be obeyed and punishing bad behaviour (Merriam Webster Dictionary – paraphrased).
  • Discipline is used as a career. Why? Because career involves discipline of what must be done and what must be avoided.
  • Discipline is the main word that maintains dignity and order in military. No chance for lawlessness.


  1. Children want to control their parents. They have scripts to act by their knowledge and feeling and they want your undisputed approval and covering.
  2. Society is becoming a free world without control on the disguises of child’s right.
  3. God gave all parents assignment to do. We must not fail Him.


  • Moses ran away from Pharaoh’s discipline in the palace and met stricter discipline in the desert for 40 years. What we fail to do now will still come up but with another disciplinarian who might be stricter and annoying.
  • Eli did not strictly and emphatically discipline his children. They brought him lifetime shame and loss of priesthood. You are a product of discipline you received from your parents, guardians, teachers and relatives. You are either grateful or regretful.
  • Mary and Joseph guided Jesus’ excesses at twelve (12) and He obeyed them for eighteen (18) years before He gained popularity as Saviour. Mary can never be forgotten in Jesus’ life. Where was Joseph? His input was silent about Jesus. (Food for thought).

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HYMN OF COMMITMENT: It pays to serve Jesus, I speak from my heart

Iimg20088124486hit pays to serve Jesus, I speak from my heart,
He’ll always be with us, if we do our part
There’s naught in this wide world can pleasure afford;
There’s peace and contentment in serving the Lord.

I love Him far better than in days of yore
I’ll serve Him more truly than ever before,
I’ll do as He bids me, whatever the cost,
I’ll be a true soldier, I’ll die at my post. Continue reading




employed allenThe true wealthy ones are not born but made. Even if one is born inside wealth and one does not make himself wealthy, the affluence is for a while. It will fly without prior notice. We work to provide solution and earn money. Some work for organization, a boss or with partner(s) while others control work because they employ service of workers. Some look/search for employment while others create employment. However, employment (being employed) is good as a basis for wealth making but not good enough to sustain wealth. Still, if you are looking for employment, I mean a gainful employment that will translate from known to the unknown, grass to grace, creativity to achievement, skill to commercialized innovation, employee to self-employed; then this seminar is for you.


Gainful employment: is a legal term that was created to give meaning to the types of learning and training received from a higher education institute; it is directly applied to having a consistent job with regular pay. Gainful employment is most often associated with college graduates who become employed after they graduate as a way to measure or rank the college or university where they received their education and training. Note: As young people transit through various stages of education into the workforce, they face increasing hurdles to secure gainful employment and career opportunities. Today, seventy-five (75) million young people are unemployed globally and within the UK over a million 16 to 24 year-olds are looking for workContinue reading


mind-of-student-cover2222This mind of student is filled with different options, views, aspirations and possibilities. However, student’s mind is God’s reservoir for human development. The strength of being a student resides in the mind. When a student loses his mind, all the means to learn is gone. The heroes of great inventions discovered the power of their mind and they began to think, sustained the thought and improved the ideas for human consumption. This book unveils the power of student’s mind in developing commercialized innovation as the expected product for Africa economy through undistracted learning. The solution of Africa and Nigeria is in the student’s mind. This book guides students on the best ways to maximize their mind for learning, inventing and solving future problems. It also guides students to focus on why they go to school. Read this book and start to dream possibility in your career, because “You can if you think you can.”

This book is coming soon. It is written by Allen Olatunde. Continue reading


From cradle to grave, the most common act of man is choice making. We take decision every day for career-choice-made-easy-peg2222better livelihood. On normal circumstances, a human being has choice of what to eat, drink, associate with, read, watch or wear. The choice of career is one out of many decisions we ought to make as long as we live. It is a crossroad with many links but only one is relevant to one’s life. This is the time when suggestions, discoveries, observations, pressure, divinity, spiritism and self-will will fight to win the stage of the choice.

This issue of career is related to many other decisions of life like, marriage, choice of country or residential area to settle, choice of religion and faith and choice of lifestyle. However, career is the main connector to other decisions of life. If one misses it, others may not last as they ought to be.  When a matter is crucial, then it needs good attention to get to the good side with minimal and bearable risks, for every decision has risk embedded.   Continue reading


Psalm 122; Matthew 18:18

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. It has apray nigeria diverse topography, with arid savanna, rainforest, mountains, mangrove swamps, and the wide delta of the Niger River. Nigeria became independent from Britain in 1960 and is now divided into 36 states to accelerate development and to minimize the impact of ethnic loyalties on national politics. Ethnicity is a sensitive issue, as Nigeria has 426 ethnic groups. The economy is oil driven. Nigeria is a wealthy nation but mismanagement abounds, leading to abject poverty. Nigeria is blessed with intelligent men and women, natural resources, good weather and great future in the Africa soil and beyond. Nigeria has great heroes in all fields of life across the world. God loves Nigeria. We are the contemporary Israel of Africa, the Zion of God. Continue reading